Bormio Spa Centres

Bormio offers three separate and unique Thermal Baths & Spa Centres catering for the needs and expectations of its discerning guests.

Bagni Nuovi Spa Centre: Via Bagni Nuovi tel 0342.901890 - Fax 0342.918511
Located about 3km from Chalet Tania

Bagni Vecchi Spa Centre: Via Bagni Vecchi tel 0342.910131 - Fax 0342.918511
Located about 4km from Chalet Tania

Bormio Terme Spa & Swimming Centre: Via Stelvio, 14 tel 0342/901325 - fax 0342/905220. In the heart of the village, a short stroll from Chalet Tania
Guests of Chalet Tania have access to discounted rates and preferential entry with advanced booking.

Please contact us for details.